How to Soften/break in tall riding boots

These are some helpful tips on how to break in tall leather riding boots.

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24 Responses to How to Soften/break in tall riding boots

  1. Jordan Williams says:

    Artist not adroit 

  2. dazzaboy04 says:

    @SAE1112 :( im very fortunate that i dont know havin never worn a pair of
    riding boots myself…but im sure it must be painful 4 u :( breakin in my
    new work boots is no picnic either.

  3. PonyPerson28120 says:

    grrr why didint i see this earlier!!! Ha, the lady who sold me my boots
    told me that if i wanted to break them in in one day, i had to wear them in
    the shower, and walk aroung in them for an hour after that….ever heard of
    that one

  4. h0rseluvr says:

    That helped some much! And I just got your same new boots yesterday!

  5. Tilly Sarkis says:

    @tillyhorsegrl11 *show

  6. SAE1112 says:

    @PonyPerson28120 never heard that one!!! thats so weird don’t put them in
    the shower, if worst comes to worst spray them with leather cleaner and rub
    them with a sponge and walk around

  7. DarkSnake49542 says:

    great vid, but you should have gone near the door, like that we could seen
    what you mean on your boots a little better. (but still, easy to understand
    so no prob)

  8. SAE1112 says:

    @horsezjace sorry! those hurt so much to break in :(

  9. Sarah Keeping says:

    Can you use Lexol on field / tall boots?

  10. 101jumpergirl101 says:

    are the tall boots leather? i hav faux leather ones and they come up above
    my knee a bit and i am scared it wont go down by next sat

  11. horse pm says:

    my boots are like super stiff -_- thanx for the vid

  12. SAE1112 says:

    @dazzaboy04 like you dont even know :(

  13. theescapefate says:

    Nice video, help me alot thanks

  14. xoxojesaxoxo says:

    (: we have the saem boots. i just got minee too !! >3

  15. SAE1112 says:

    @xoxojesaxoxo thanks, they are broken in now, SUBSCRIBE!

  16. TheAnimalHoarder says:

    what brand are your boots

  17. BitchableLove says:


  18. horsejumpinaddict says:

    i have the same boots!

  19. dazzaboy04 says:

    so important to break in riding boots like these, feet must really hurt if
    u dont break in boots like these properly.

  20. Josie Alex says:

    *SIGH* mine don’t have zippers. -_-

  21. PoneeL0ver says:

    @TheAnimalHoarder ariat im guessing lol

  22. Tilly Sarkis says:

    i got new ariats todayy:) they hurt so baadddd on the front of my ankleD:
    but i have a shoe this saturday, and my old ones, i couldn’t get them on;D
    lmao i wore them all day! and i rode in them this morning:P i need to get
    them broken in a bit by sat or ima be dyingggg lol great vid, really helped!

  23. SAE1112 says:

    @theescapefate no problem! glad i could help :)

  24. SAE1112 says:

    @gwill1992 welcome! i hated riding in stiff boots!

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