Jennifer Convertibles Sofa

Here is the story of a cautionary tale. We purchased these sofas from Jennifer Convertibles in Tustin California and when we did the reason we did is because…

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  1. Shirley Noble says:

    I have the same couches and the same problem. Customer service @ Jennifer leather told me I wasn’t covered for peeling but I have a life time warranty for burns and accidental holes….somebody please tell me what’s the differences??

  2. Imavoiding says:

    Nick Scali sells these lounges, saying they are “Club leather” Mine looks like this too now. Cost me $2000 in 2007. Its going to the rubbish tip. I was sold bicast leather which will last about 5 years and then you through the lounge away. Stay well clear of Nick Scali.

  3. brownskin718 says:

    I ordered it from Overstock but you’re right the arms are a little too big but it covers the ugliness although the stuff still gets on the floor

  4. BKFLYGUYI says:

    I have the same model (Wrigley) as well. Where did you get the cover? I’ve looked online and can’t seem to find on with the right sized arms.

  5. brownskin718 says:

    OMG I had the same problem with the same exact couches. Mine have been peeling for some years now and it’s extremely annoying. I have a love seat, chair, and an ottoman and they are ALL peeling!!! I didn’t purchase the plan and glad I didn’t because seems like a waste of money. I just purchased and leather redye kit and hopefully that’s works. My chair and ottoman isn’t in that much of bad shape but my loveseat is long gone so I just Purchased a cover. I refuse to buy furniture until I move.

  6. stoneyswolf says:

    No wonder you got ripped off. You can’t even figure out how to make a vidio so the music doesn’t overpower what your saying. What you say? Sorry can’t here you over the music.

  7. St Louis LeatherRepair says:

    Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather, or PU leather) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed. Bicast was originally made for the shoe industry and recently adopted by the furniture industry. Furniture made with Bicast exhibits none of the characteristics associated with genuine leather; it will not develop a patina or suppleness nor otherwise “improve with age”. With constant use the polyurethane layer will crack and split.

  8. St Louis LeatherRepair says:

    ‘Bonded leather’, or “reconstituted leather” is not really a true leather but a man-made material composed of 90% to 100% leather fibers (often scrap from leather tanneries or leather workshops) bonded together with latex binders to create a look and feel similar to that of ‘true’ leather at a fraction of the cost. Bonded leather is not as durable as other leathers, and is recommended for use only if the product will be used infrequently.

  9. Kayvan Komari says:

    I agree Jenifer convertibles is a pain in the ass.

  10. johnsmithqqq says:

    just file a small claims court. Take the receipt and pictures with you. (and video). This is a 100 percent win case.

  11. btgusto says:

    2 years later and Ashley’s furniture leather set is peeling in large swatches. I have the extended warranty and called yesterday and guess what? its not covered.

  12. AirForceblue777 says:


  13. Quintessence Artistry says:

    omg my sectional looks just like this!  This is so unfair what can i do?

  14. T C Barr says:

    Same problem. 4months ago they promised to recover the couch within 2.5 months. Now they say it will be another  2 months. Ask me if I believe they will ever fix it. Ha! I

  15. nintendough crazee says:

    Same thing happened to us. How are these crooks still in business. Actually the store we bought from went out of business but still see a few here and there. Lawsuit anyone?

  16. InternationalAccent says:

    I have the same couch from Jennifer Convertibles. It started peeling after 3 years. Come to find out it’s made of bonded leather which is scraps of leather glued together and applied to a fabric backing. This is how they get away with saying that it is real leather. Technically it is, just short lived. Ugh

  17. Gonzague Gonza says:

    Ashley furniture and protection plan will do the same.

  18. mrspinky81 says:

    I am having the same problem. Did anyone go to small claims court? This is just crazy.

  19. CJEB4 says:

    I just bought a “leather” couch 2 months ago and it has cracks everywhere. It’s not peeling yet, but what a rip off! I am not happy about this. I got leather thinking it would be easy to care for with my son who has autism. This and what I have is not real leather. It’s a coating that was sprayed on fabric made to look like leather, until it gets used then it falls apart. It looked great in the showroom not so great in the living room.

  20. jlx92 says:

    I’m going through the exact same thing you are going through. I hate Jennifer Convertibles!!!

  21. paughjj says:

    Did you ever figure out how to fix this? I have the same couch from Jennifer Convertibles with the same peeling problem. Thanks in advance for any tips.

  22. flanker22 says:


  23. Nicole Dodson says:

    Leather does crack and peel. It needs to be conditioned just like human skin does. HOWEVER, peeling leather as early as yours did is a sign of low quality leather. I bought a leather couch from Macy’s about 6-7 years ago and it just started peeling 6 months ago. It’s a mess, but not as drastic as yours.

  24. fora1461 says:

    Ashley has the same. When you are in the store they don’t tell you anything about it and when you are asking if the sofa is leather they say yes but the only real leather is on the sofa is where you touch your butt. Rest of it peeling fake leather. @#$%$## you Ashley furniture and your creepy representatives.

  25. Michael Morgenstern says:

    I am going through the same situation with Jennifer Convertibles, they will not honor the terms of the agreement, they are outright criminals and I am looking to take them to court.

    Would you happen to have a copy of the upholstery shield? I’m unable to locate my copy, your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  26. kingwleung says:

    We have the same problem. JC sucks!
    Someone won against them in a small claim court.

  27. Igentenos says:

    I have just recently learned of this problem. thank you.  I will never buy jennifer products.

  28. sensarch007 says:

    We have same exact problem. Bought what we thought was a leather sofa /bed and love seat combo from Jennifer convertibles. Within a year the peeling started on the sofa back rest. After a year almost 90% of the “leather” surfacing is gone. Like in your case, the pieces lie all over our floors and cleaning is a mess. Same response-Peeling not covered in warranty! Jennifer Convertibles are THE WORST and most dishonest business ever. Do not deal with them, ever.

  29. ryan mckenzie says:

    I can’t believe it!!! That’s horrible. I’m not setting foot in their stores ever.

  30. RafaelGGutierrez says:

    We paid $1723 for them. Now we have to pay to get rid off them because we can’t keep the house clean.

  31. mitchandmelissabanks says:

    oh and how much did you pay for them?

  32. mitchandmelissabanks says:

    i would be so mad!!!

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